Scaled Target Faces & Score Cards

For people who train at home from short distance, the ability to have target faces which, when viewed through the aperture of you scope, resemble what you see at the official distance is quite useful.

Download the Scaled Targets Power Point file. When you open it enable Macros and click to open the Macros. Choose the target you want to scale for the distance you want to shoot and then click on “Run” to run the Macro. You will then be asked to enter the diameter of your arrows and the distance you will be shooting from. Once you have entered these values and clicked on “ok” you will be presented with a scaled down target which you can then print out and use.

Here is a PDF file which will print out two standard FITA 3 Spot targets on a standard A4 page. These are not scaled to any particular distance, but are good from 10m-12m.

2 x 3 Spot Target Faces

Here is another PDF document with a 72 arrow score sheet which can be used to check your progress during training sessions or could be used by your club for competitions.

72 Arrow Score Card